How To Block Twitch Ads In 2023


This approach doesn’t seem to work anymore, seeing as I’ve started seeing Polish ads. Will update once I figure out a new solution.

Most guides give basic, useless information. They list ineffective solutions like installing ad-blocking browser extensions or using Brave Browser which has built-in ad blocking. These don’t work because Twitch employs engineers to build anti-ad-blocking technology.

The Solution?

>> Connect to a polish vpn <<

Yes, it’s really that simple to block Twitch ads in 2023. My advice is to use a VPN with Wireguard support, as Wireguard is incredibly fast. I’m getting 400mbps connected to Poland from America using Mullvad.


Follow the instructions below:

  1. Install NordVPN / Mullvad and setup a paid account
  2. Start the VPN client and connect to a server in Poland
  3. Enjoy ad-free twitch

how it works

Poland has strict online advertising laws prevent Twitch from displaying ads to “Polish” users. Don’t ask why, just say thank you and enjoy an ad-free Twitch.

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