I’ve gone ahead and rewritten my site… Again… Using WordPress. Why? Because why not? I value my time too much to spend it writing CSS. I’d rather waste my time watching the last ever CSGO major ๐Ÿ™‚.

Lately I’ve been learning how to use Next.JS for web apps. So a month or so ago I decided to rewrite this site using it. I’ve also been tooling around with WordPress for some other work and something dawned on me… Why not use WordPress for my personal site? Is React necessary for my blog/about page? Of course not.

Lastly I’d like to commit to writing more content. I’ve probably told myself to do this dozens of times over my adulthood. But this time its no cap frfr๐Ÿงข (translation: I’m being 100% serious). I’m not sure what I’ll focus on writing about, so for now I’ll write about whatever I feel like. Comment here or reach out if you have ideas.

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