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Salt Lake City, UT

Hello, I am a computer programmer with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Utah. I currently live in Salt Lake City.

My last three or so years of professional experience have found me mostly writing JavaScripts and Golang and pulling my hair out with Kubernetes and Docker.

I'm interested in: cryptocurrencies, computer networking, E-Sports, fitness and food, and world events. And memes.

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My Github is a good way to check out some of my recent projects.

Some of my recent projects:

  • Purity Vision
    • My latest project that uses the ML-based Google Vision API to auto-remove any images on the web deemed to have adult or gore content.
  • Skybin
    • A p2p file storage system for my senior capstone group project.
  • This website
  • A multi-threaded web server in c++
How I feel when I'm writing code mfw coding What I'm actually doing actually


I have years of experience developing in macOS, GNU/Linux, and Windows operating systems, with a preference for working in *nix OSes.

School taught me early on that in order to work in this industry, one must never stop learning. With this principle in mind, I take an active interest in improving skills corolary to programming in order to bolster my technical arsenal.

  • devops - containerization, deployment strategies and CICD pipelines
  • testing - unit, regression, integration, e2e testing and performance metrics
  • security - functional understanding of cryptographically secured protocols, auth flows, and other server and client-side security considerations

Below is a non-exhaustive list of fluent and familiar programming languages that I have used in academic or professional settings.


  • JavaScript
  • Golang
  • Bash


  • Java
  • Python
  • C++

Thoughts on Technology

Thoughts on Tech


When Brendan Eich invented Javascript back during the days of Netscape, everything changed. JavaScript is objectively the greatest programming language ever created.

It combines the swiftness of untyped languages with functional programming features and a inheritance model that is so simple, your grandmother could learn it. You can run it in the browser, or as a web server, or as a desktop application that uses hardly any memory at all.

And the best of all is, there exists an online package registry containing literally thousands of libraries that do anything you could ever possibly imagine. Every one of these packages has been vetted by elite programmers from MIT and Stanford so you basically can't go wrong adding dependencies willy-nilly. Have fun! 🤡

editors and IDEs

For day-to-day development I stick to VS Code. I find it offers a balanced middle ground between a bloated IDE like IntelliJ and a simple text editor like Nano. Extensions that mostly work, lots of updates, and runs reasonably quickly. If I'm editing something on a remote host I'll fire up trusty ole' Vim for a quick edit. The speed at which I can edit text files using common shortcuts is unrivaled.


As a college student working stiff paying back student loans, I don't have the ability to make a lot of investments. One kind of investment that I make an exception for is fake internet money otherwise known as cryptocurrency.


I believe in Bitcoin because I don't believe in the financial system of the Western world. The release of Bitcoin marks an epoch in time that I believe will cause substantial ripples in the global economy within the foreseeable future. HODL.

Monero offers key privacy enhancments over Bitcoin and benefits from a solid network effect due to its prolific usage in dark web markets.

Chainlink facilitates interaction between off-chain data sources and blockchain networks using the Oracle model.

Some of the corporations that are the most harmful to privacy and personal freedoms are those which profit heavily from the advertisement industry. Advertisements in electronic form are overwhelmingly intrusive. Kill two birds with one stone – use BAT and the Brave browser.

My opinion on the long-term viability of Bitcoin is as follows:

In a world plagued by inflation largely caused by irresponsible and malicious central banking and bloated government beauracracies, crytpocurrencies flourish while fiat currencies flounder. Backed by decentralized strength via blockchain, the economic robustness granted through a finite total possible supply of coin, and transparency through open source development, Bitcoin stands to disrupt global finance on a long enough timeline. Short the bankers, long BTC.


My hope is that this site gives readers a little insight into my thoughts and experiences as a software developer. Thanks for stopping by.

Grand Targhee, WY (Summer 2019)