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Salt Lake City, UT

Hello and welcome to my website!

I'm a computer programmmer hailing from Driggs, Idaho.

I have a degree in Computer Science from the University of Utah where I graduated in 2018.

Outside of work I take an active interest in cryptocurrencies, computer networking, E-Sports, fitness and food, and memes and pop culture.


exercise 🚲

A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Without near constant movement I find that my mind begins picking itself apart, leaving my mental in a state of self-destruction.

I like to lift weights, mountain bike, play sports, and sometimes do extra cardio.

home lab 👾

I often have a few servers/machines on my LAN running a variety of services (including this website).

My homelab currently has some neat services running such as Plex media streaming, NGINX web server, Bitcoin/Lightning nodes among a few others.

My latest creation is a custom built NAS server running Ubuntu on an Intel Xeon, 32GB ECC Ram, NVIDIA 1060 for Plex Transcoding and a 4x10TB ZFS RAIDZ HDD pool.


My Github is a good way to check out some of my recent projects.

Purity Vision

A backend that utilizes the Google Vision API to check images for explicit content and a browser extension that auto-removes any images that are flagged.


This website, recently rewritten in React/Next.js.


A p2p file storage system for my senior capstone group project.

c++ web server

A multi-threaded c++ web server for a school project.


Proficiency in macOS, GNU/Linux, and Windows development environments. Preference for working in *nix OSes.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of programming languages that I have used in academic or professional settings.


  • JavaScript/TS
  • Golang
  • Bash


  • Java
  • C#
  • C++

Thoughts on Tech


Brendan Eich's JavaScript is fast, scriptable, Java-like language in the browser. And it changed everything. JavaScript is objectively the greatest programming language ever created.

It combines the swiftness of untyped languages with functional programming features and an inheritance model that is so simple your grandmother could learn it. You can run it in the browser, as a web server, or as a desktop application that uses hardly any memory at all.

The best part? There exists an online package registry containing thousands of libraries that do anything you could ever possibly dream up or prompt GPT3 for. Every one of these packages has been vetted by elite programmers from MIT and Stanford so you can't go wrong adding dependencies willy-nilly. Have fun! 🤡


People often look to programmers for their thoughts on "crypto" as if the two are related. I beg to differ. The average programmer is no less equipped to understand the importance of "crypto" than is the average grocery bagger, airplane pilot, or government bureaucrat.

That is to say all of them are equally capable of understanding its importance. Just as all of them are equally capable of understanding basic finance, economics, and most importantly, how money works in modern society.

TL;DR big banking, federal reserve, market cycles, inflationary fiat currencies, and quantitative easing = bad. Hard money = good. Bitcoin is the hardest form of currency known to man. Ergo Bitcoin should be adopted as the global currency.

I believe in Bitcoin because I don't believe in the financial system of the Western world. The release of Bitcoin marks an epoch in time that I believe will cause substantial ripples in the global economy within the foreseeable future. HODL.
Monero offers key privacy enhancements over Bitcoin and benefits from a solid network effect due to its prolific usage in dark web markets. XMR has adopted a more reckless strategy for technological iteration in order to more quickly achieve what its community deems necessary for a privacy coin.

Bitcoin Thesis

My opinion on the long-term viability of Bitcoin is as follows:

In a world plagued by inflation largely caused by irresponsible and malicious central banking and bloated government beauracracies, crytpocurrencies flourish while fiat currencies flounder. Backed by decentralized strength via blockchain, the economic robustness granted through a finite total possible supply of coin, and transparency through open source development, Bitcoin stands to disrupt global finance on a long enough timeline. Short the bankers, long BTC.


I hope you enjoyed your visit and a learned a bit about what makes me tick. Thanks for stopping by!